Welcome To Torahclick

"Torah Click" system was built to provide funding for writing a Torah scroll
and to provide theThe easy and safe option for donors interested in participating in this important mitzvah.

The venture is developed with great investment along with ancillary systems using unique technologies and tools
One of the most advanced in the world, and with a strong emphasis on privacy protection and user experience
Advance at a level never seen before.

The creativity and level of security integrated in this unique system, now allow for every person
And a community to fund and be partners in a Torah writing project, easily, according to ability, and in full transparency.

We made special tools with care and personal

Search by name
Choosing a parsha/verse
Special sections
Random selection
Manual purchase
Certificates for purchasers
Personal design for each project
Sending emails
Updates and upgrades
Connection to payment systems
Detailed reports to the project manager
Full project management management interface
Appearance of the Ashkenazi/Sephardi Torah
Complementary accessories for a Torah
Custom add-ons
Multi Languages
Personal support and service
Observance of Shabbath
Custom developments and upgrades.
Cash flow, tracking and much more.


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