How it works

When the surfer enters the site, the default page appears with words and letters in the Torah scroll that can be purchased.
However the letters that have already been purchased will appear with a special mark indicating that they have already been purchased, in this way each buyer can guarantee his exclusive right to the letter or section he has purchased that will bear his name and the names of his loved ones forever.
Upon the decision to purchase any section of the Torah scroll, the surfer is directed to a secure purchase page according to all strict standards, when at the end of the purchase process a receipt and a designed and luxurious certificate of appreciation with the purchased letters or words will be sent automatically.
The letter, word, or section that was purchased will appear in the name of the buyer or donor along with the names he or she has immortalized.Each time you click on the same section of the website, this information will appear, but you can specify when purchasing that the information will appear anonymously.At any given moment, you can download the certificate of appreciation for the part in the Torah scroll from the site.
In each campaign, the rate of progress of the Torah scroll appears in front of the surfer, the synagogue he will enter,It will also be possible to watch a live or replay of the Knesset Sefer HaTorah.

Make a project

A new and elegant Torah scroll now at hand!

Interested in a new and elegant Torah scroll of your own, without looking for a single donorThat he can take on all the burden?You have come to the right place!

With us you will do it much easier!

We invite you to contact us, our professional team is at your disposal at any time in orderEnsure that your vision is realized.A professional and courteous project manager will accompany you through the entire process until the Torah scroll entersTo your synagogue in all its splendor.


Can anyone set up a campaign with you?
Yes, anyone can set up a campaign for the purpose of writing a community or public family Torah scroll,
Depending on the control and supervision to make sure that indeed the donation money will be transferred to the right cause.